The Physics of Medicine: 3D-Imaging
This is a sneak preview of 3D imaging done with CT scanning (one of many other medical physics modules that I may get a chance to develop in the future). The CT scans are formed by taking "slices" through the body from special types of x-ray images. These can then be "stacked" together (via a computer) to give an x-ray view inside the body as demonstrated in the movie below. A doctor might follow a CT scan along the throat and look for an obstruction (can you find it?). The movie is courtesy of William Weadock, MD, University of Michigan.

The animated gif to the right shows several frames of the full movie. The upper image is the 3D image created by the computer, and the lower image is one "slice" of the CT scan.

To view this movie, you will need Quicktime.

Movie of 3D-imaging using CT scans. (7.1 meg - very large!)

This was created by Raman Pfaff.
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