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Here we list puzzles on the web that have been generated using our tools. In case you would like to present your puzzles here, so that all puzzle designers may profit from each other, send us their web addresses by E-mail oder web page form.

Binomial formulae
Four puzzles by Wolfgang Appell at the Staatliche Realschule Ebermannstadt, Germany.

Puzzle Factory (Puzzlefabrik)
A puzzle creation page on the Math pages of the Vorarlberger Bildungsservers taken over from maths online by Anna Schwendinger.

Length measures (kilometer - meter)
Puzzle by Anna Schwendinger.

Squares and similar things
Puzzle by the autors of maths online.

by Wing Kuen Cheng (Japanese).

Applet puzzles on trigonometry
by Karinna Huber and Richard Mesaric from the Gymnasium Draschestraße in Vienna. The series of puzzles may be downloaded as zip-archive.

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