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The site won an award at the South by South West conference in Austin, TX last weekend! We now have a fancy looking trophy sitting in our office and love showing it to everyone that stops in to say hi. You can see us listed here. My office partner (Edward) was down there for the ceremony and got to give a speech and everything.

The day he brought home the trophy I found out that this site was nominated for The Webby Awards! The Webbies are considered the "Oscars of the Internet" and only five science sites are nominated each year. The Webby Awards are supposed to "exemplify the kinds of sites that Internet users should visit every day for information and entertainment," so if you think that describes this site, feel free to vote for me (i.e. Explore Science) for the People's Voice Award (it will require that you have your own e-mail address) by following instructions at their site.

As many of you know, I create all the simulations on this site using Macromedia Director, and one of the best places to learn how to use Director is on the DOUG site. If you visit the site you'll be able to find out more about me in their Developer Profile feature this month. The site is a GREAT resource for learning more about Lingo!

When I first set up this site I had one simulation on it and I was getting 5 visitors every week. I was amazed that people were finding the site back in those 'primitive' web days when I was a graduate student, the site was hosted on a Mac IIsi, and I was analyzing my thesis data on the same computer! Today over fifteen hundred different people use the site every day and a multitude of sites link to this one. The explosion of the web in such a short time still fascinates me whenever I find the time to actually think about it! Time, unfortunately, is a limited commodity in my life right now (getting a new business started is a rather entertaining challenge). I receive a lot of e-mail every day and try to get back to everyone, but sometimes I get a bit behind and will lose track of some messages (currently 1084 messages in my InBox), so if I haven't gotten back to you in a week or two, feel free to send the message to me again just to keep me aware of things :)


I don't know about the rest of you, but I still haven't gotten used to putting the double zeros at the end of my checks! As I promised, all the news from the past two years has moved to a separate page, and the 'really' old news is still hanging around.

Anyway, this site continues to get an occasional award. Recent ones are shown here (feel free to click on them to visit the sites).

One of the largest complaints I get about the snowflake activity is that Shockwave will not print the view you see in your browser. I added a 'copy' feature to a new version of the six-sided snowflake where you can copy the picture to your clipboard, and then paste the image into a word processing or graphics program (such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop). For this activity you will need a relatively recent (the past 8 months) version of the Shockwave Plug-in.

Most of my time (OK..every waking moment) has been going in to the site, so stop by and let your math buddies know about it :-) Until next week...when I'll have a bit more news!

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