This page is a forum for users of maths online. Everyone willing to publish his or her feedback and comments here is invited to contact us. Some German contributions have been translated into English. (The originals may be found at the website of the German version mathe online, along with a number of more contributions).

You can send us a message by E-mail or web page form, or use the questionnaire.

Click the respectice icon   (for message) resp.    (for questionnaire)! never seen anything like your applets Jan 12, 2000
  Dana Hrdinova maths online for Slovakia Jan 12, 2000
  Alison better understanding? - absolutely yes Dec 3, 1999 unimaginable heights Nov 4, 1999
  Susan Socha questions are excellent/worksheets Sep 4, 1999
  Susan Socha thought provoking Sep 4, 1999
  Gregory Kapsias another math software Aug 31, 1999
  Greg Benfield enriching learning experiences Aug 30, 1999
  Walter S. Mcmann one of the most useful math tools Jun 14, 1999
  Peter Biggs maths site for sale May 26, 1999
  Agostinho Filié Jr difficult to understand May 25, 1999
  Denis Lubineau quite impressed Mar 22, 1999
  Matthew Serieys I rareIy respond to questionaires... Mar 10, 1999
  Karon Nicol LeCompte wonderful material Mar 1, 1999
  Marjan Glavac Busy Educator Award Feb 21, 1999
  Rick Schauer another math web site Jan 21, 1999
  Una Cunningham excellent educational content Jan 10, 1999
  Don Tyler wonderful web site/character problems Jan 3 - 5, 1999
  Lajean Keller great site Jan 3, 1999
  James E. White timely and powerful/another math site Jan 1, 1999
  Carlo Sansotta and Elisa Ruello offer to mirror maths online Dec 22, 1998   
  John Chappelle insight into interrelationships Oct 20, 1998   
  Johan Houwen translate the applets in Dutch? Sep 5, 1998   
  Joseph Willett math text and WEB software Sep 4, 1998   
  Ellen Freedman great resource for teachers/another math site Jul 17, 1998   
  Richard Lowry real-time statistical computation Jul 2, 1998   
  Dr. Matrix Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence Jun 22, 1998   
  Teacher I don't like x^2 May 25, 1998   
  Esther Pflug I like the puzzles May 14, 1998   
  Max Eichinger drawings are difficult to perform May 4, 1998   
  Hans Schmid I dream of an offline version May 2, 1998   

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